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Mansoura Nursing Journal (MNJ) is a semi-annual peer-reviewed Journal with an international board that aims to publish Scientific work that contributes to the development of knowledge, advancement of science, and promotion of the practice of holistic nursing and health care. The journal publishes original articles on various nursing issues, from different displays and healthcare systems.

COP27 Climate Change Conference: Urgent action needed for Africa and the world.

Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2024, Pages 1-510 

Women’s Satisfaction with their Birthing Experience

Pages 119-132

Eman Mohamed Elkhiary; Shaimaa Mohammed; Amina ElNemer

Prevalence of Cracked Nipple and its Associated Factors during Postpartum Period

Pages 133-148

Asmaa mohsen Ali; Samah Nasser Abd ElAziz ElShora; Amina El- Nemer

Effect of Swallowing Exercises on Improving Dysphagia among Stroke Patients in Neurocritical Care Unit

Pages 149-159

Maha Adel Abdelmotelb kwan; Mostafa M. Zanaty; Asmaa Abosaeda; Marrwa Fathallah

Knowledge and Perception of Pre-menopausal Women about Menopause

Pages 211-226

Eman Selmy; Samah Nasser Abd ElAziz Elshora; Amina El-Nemer

Couples’ Knowledge regarding Premarital Care

Pages 227-239

Esraa Saad Youseef; Nehmedo Osman; Amina El- Nemer