Couples’ Knowledge regarding Premarital Care

Document Type : Original Article


1 Woman‘s Health&Midwifery Nursing , Mansoura university ,Egypt

2 Lecturer of Woman's Health and Midwifery Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University, Egypt

3 Professor of Woman's Health and Midwifery Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University Egypt


Background: Premarital care (PMC) is a global activity aiming to prepare the future couples to healthy martial
life by diagnoses, treating unrecognized disorders, and reduce transmission of diseases to couples. Aim: This study
aimed to explore couples’ knowledge regarding premarital care. Study design: A descriptive study was utilized.
Setting: The study was carried out in Mansoura New General Hospital, Maternal and Child Care Center in Talkha and
Mahallah Damna hospital, Dakahlia governorate, Egypt. Sample type: A purposive sample was utilized of 110 couples .
Tools: A structure interview questionnaire was used to assess the knowledge regarding PMC. Results: The results
highlighted that less than half of couples had correct knowledge about the importance of PMC, more than half of couples
had partial correct knowledge about types of medical examination and less than half of couples had incorrect knowledge
about diseases detected by premarital examination. Conclusion: The present study questions were answered in which
less than one third of studied couples had good knowledge about premarital care. Recommendations: Provide specific
health education to couples to increase knowledge about importance of premarital care during their attendance for the
health certification before the marriage as well as broadcasting information about the premarital care program through
different types of mass media.