Applying Lewin's Change Management Theory To Improve Patient's Discharge Plan

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant lecturer of Nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing - Mansoura University,

2 Assistant Professor of Nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing - Mansoura University,

3 Professor of Nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing - Mansoura University


Background: Kurt Lewin’s Change Management Theory offers a strategic approach that can assist nurses in planning,
implementing, and evaluating the proposed change. Also, discusses how nurses can applied it to successfully implement
discharge plan. Aim: to apply Lewin’s change management theory to improve patient's discharge plan. Methods: A
Quasi-experimental, research design was utilized a convenient sample of (50) staff nurses and (50) patient at Oncology
Center-Mansoura University. Four tools were used The Discharge Education Nursing Questionnaire, Observation Tool,
Structured Patient Interview and Discharge Plan Follow-Up Questionnaire. Results: Nurses’ knowledge regarding the
teach-back method after implementing teaching sessions was significantly improved. The majority of staff nurses (90%)
have a satisfactory performance level during patient discharge education after implementing teaching sessions of the
teach-back method, while (100%) of them have an unsatisfactory performance level before. Also, the majority of patient
(98%) have satisfactory levels of knowledge regarding their discharge plan after implementing the teach-back method
for nurses. There was no relation between nurses’ knowledge regarding teach-back method and their performance during patient discharge education before and after implementing training session. Conclusion: There were statistically
significant differences before and after implementing teaching sessions for staff nurses using Lewin's change
management theory. Recommendations: Incorporate the use of teach-back method at patient discharge plan within
health care organization. Add “teach-back” to central orientation education for newly hired staff nurses. Develop
hospital policy to implement teach- back during discharge instruction.