Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2024, Pages 1-510 
Women’s Satisfaction with their Birthing Experience

Pages 119-132

Eman Mohamed Elkhiary; Shaimaa Mohammed; Amina ElNemer

Prevalence of Cracked Nipple and its Associated Factors during Postpartum Period

Pages 133-148

Asmaa mohsen Ali; Samah Nasser Abd ElAziz ElShora; Amina El- Nemer

Effect of Swallowing Exercises on Improving Dysphagia among Stroke Patients in Neurocritical Care Unit

Pages 149-159

Maha Adel Abdelmotelb kwan; Mostafa M. Zanaty; Asmaa Abosaeda; Marrwa Fathallah

Knowledge and Perception of Pre-menopausal Women about Menopause

Pages 211-226

Eman Selmy; Samah Nasser Abd ElAziz Elshora; Amina El-Nemer

Couples’ Knowledge regarding Premarital Care

Pages 227-239

Esraa Saad Youseef; Nehmedo Osman; Amina El- Nemer