Developing Blood Transfusion Educational Booklet for Nurses Based on Pre Estimated Assessment at Specialized Medical Hospital - Mansoura University

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1 B.SC.Nursing,Faculty of Nursing - Mansoura University

2 Prof. of Medical- Surgical Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University


Blood transfusion may be a fundamental aspect of nursing practice and nurses ’knowledge of it is essential for
safe practice. Study: aimed to develop a blood transfusion educational booklet for nurses based on pre-estimated
assessment. Method: A descriptive, cross- sectional design was used for this study and it was conducted at Specialized
Medical Hospital, Mansoura University. A convenience sample of 80 nurses from both sexes was enrolled. Tools: Two
tools were used for data collection; tool Ι; Routine blood transfusion knowledge questionnaire (RBTKQ) and tool Π
Procedure Checklist which aimed to assess nurses ’practice during the performance of blood transfusion procedure.
Results: There was a significant deficit of knowledge and a satisfied level of practice of the studied nurses regarding
blood transfusion. Conclusion and Recommendations: This study revealed that; there was a significant deficit of
knowledge and a satisfied level of practice regarding the blood transfusion among studied nurses, in addition there is a
positive association between nurses ’level of knowledge and their level of practice regarding the blood transfusion. So,
nurses and hospital should struggle to improve the quality and safety of blood transfusion because it is a potentially
hazardous procedure and this will be maintained through establishing an educational booklet containing all necessary
information about blood transfusion, receiving a training program in blood transfusion, and statement of hospital blood
transfusion policy.