Nursing Workload Influence on Nurses Job Injury and Patient Complication

Document Type : Original Article


1 Nursing specialist at Oncology Center

2 Assistant Professor of Nursing Administration

3 Professor of Nursing Administration3 -Mansoura University, Egypt


Background: Nursing workload is a major problem that facing health care system and is very influential for
physical and mental condition of nurses as well as for patient outcomes. Aim: To investigate nursing workload influence
on nurses’ job injury and patient complications. Methods: Descriptive correlational design and220 nurses working at
Oncology Center- Mansoura University included in the study. Two tools were used; nursing staff workload structured
questionnaire and job related injury, patient related complications and quality of care questionnaire. Results: The
majority of nurses perceived moderate level of total workload, and were experienced back injury. The majority of them
were zero reporting of job injury.The highest perceived adverse events were patient fall but no injury followed by other
complications as hematoma. There is statistically significant relation between nursing workload and both job-related
injury and patients’ complications.Conclusion:Although, most nurses workload moderately and reported that workload
effect on work and delayed some nursing procedure, they had delivered good nursing care. Also, most of them suffering
from back injury and not reporting about this because they thought that the injury was low risk and not important to
report. Patient fall but no injury and hematoma are the highest perceived patient complication. Finally, high nursing
workload produce more job injuries and patients’ complications.Recommendations: Holding regular meeting with
nurses to discuss their problems and needs, maintaining adequate staffing, encouraging cooperative and team work spirit
among nurses, maintaining safe work environment, participating nurses in contentious educational programs and
scientific conferences are recommended.